GC3JMYF – Westover Park #5: The Electric Co

Westover Park #5: The Electric Co
by Bloodyprints

Traditional Cache (2.5/1.5)

Watt on earth made us go after this cache, we don’t know. “You will be scraped by thorns until it hertz,” we thought, “the log descriptions are revolting!” Then wire we continuing you might ask. Well, let’s just say we had ample reasons. We made a circuit of GZ, but conditions at the site made for an un-farad vantage. But we continued, conducting a thorough search of our current surroundings. We were about to pull the plug when we switched our thinking and made a contact for a hint. Once enlightened, the search ground to a halt and the container was found. Well, that’s about it. Any more of these and the CO will have to charge us with assault and battery. This one really zapped our energy too so we headed off ohm. Thanks for the cache! We couldn’t resist!