GC3M45Z – Geocache in Space “L.E.I.F.” MMXII Launch Party!

Geocache in Space “L.E.I.F.” MMXII Launch Party!
by Genese09, Zinyata, Hudacko, Craig Porter and e6c

Event Cache (1/1)

Oh my dear lord, where do I begin?  The anticipation was sweet and sharp, we filled our bellies with the best barbeque EVER, and helped launch the cache.  We went BACK for more barbeque, good conversation with geocaching pals Pink Dolphin and Wally from Raleigh, then headed out on the chase.  We were quite a bit behind the other chasers so we decided to try and get out in front of them by taking highway 20 down towards St. Paul.  This scheme might have actually worked if a microburst (tornado maybe?) hadn’t brought the balloon down so quickly.  We got to the landing site a bit behind the others and slogged through a quarter mile of thorny tangle before getting close enough to the advance party to get advice on an easier path.  We came out of the forest wet, dirty and scratched (nothing new in that) and had an easy time of it from there as the others had trampled a nice path in to the container.  Along with e6c and a couple of other stragglers, we went in and checked out the landing site.  No one brought a pen (doh!) so we took pictures for posterity and headed out.  Met Bohica NC on the way out as he was retracing steps to find a lost cell phone and got back to the parking area in time for back-patting, interviewing and general “oh dude, did you see that?” chitchatting.  Elvis said it was the best cache he’d ever found and please could we go get some more barbeque?  We had to ask him to settle for a bone and some peanut butter puppy ice cream at home and he reluctantly gave in.  Two hot showers and some after-bite spray later, we all had a nice snuggle and some Pik-n-Pig Brunswick stew.  Infinite thanks to e6c and all the sponsors of LEIF.  We are ready to do it again when e6c has the time and when Mrs. e6c says it’s okay.  P. S. You’re the best “paid escort” ever.  You know who you are!

GC3N630 – Tri-County (Harnett-Chatham-Lee)

Tri-County (Harnett-Chatham-Lee)
by wwflover13

Traditional Cache (4/5)

Once upon a space (not a time mind you, time is an illusion and this is real!). So, once upon a space, there was a dimension called “hudackoland” where, of course, there lived “hudackos”.  Hudackoland was very much like your own world except for a slight evolutionary tweak here and there and a few missing laws of physics. The evolutionary changes included a few interesting reversals–birds there were scaly and snakes had beautiful downy plumage, horses were as big as ants and ants were as big as ponies, etc.  Oh, and all the dolphins were a stunning shade of pink.   So one day a very iridescent hudacko said to her friend, a very pink dolphin, “Say, have you heard about the treasure hidden where the kingdoms of Harnetta, Chathamania and Leetho meet along the Cape of Fear River?” “Yes,” exclaimed the dolphin, “but I heard that you had to cross 42 hills to reach it and it’s guarded by dolphin-eating thorn plants!”.  “Nonsense!” cried the hudacko, “We must only pass over the bridge of Euls and through the pawpaw forest then sail from the banks of Slough to the Isle of Caches.”  So the iridescent hudacko and the pink dolphin set off in a little red rocket propelled by the reflections of a philosopher and before long they came to the kingdom of Chathamania.  After inquiring directions from several stalks of corn, they made their way to the palace of King John and Queen Sue.  After speeches and pandering and much pointing at Giggle maps, the gracious monarchs mounted their snow white comet and zoomed ahead to lead the colorful wanderers toward their goal.  But kindly Queen Sue said, “We cannot cross the space-time boundary of our kingdom,” and King John said, “Take the left road for it will lead you to a secret path around many obstacles–particularly the outbreak of psoriasis!”  And so we traveled the left path and when the path became too thick with space fronds for the little red rocket to carry us further, we donned our space suits and sprayed ourselves with cosmic mosquito repellant and proceeded on foot.  The rest of what happened on that fateful journey will be available in my forthcoming book “Hudackoland and Why It’s Where the Cool Kids Hang Out” by Finagle Press.  Available in print, e-Book and babelfish formats.  P. S. Where do I deliver these keys?